15 Under Deck Lighting Ideas for Magical Outdoor Spaces

Illuminate the space under your deck with creative lighting ideas that transform it into a cozy, inviting outdoor retreat.

Solar-Powered LED Strips

solar powered led strips

Solar-Powered LED Strips are an eco-friendly option for under deck lighting, harnessing solar energy to illuminate your outdoor space efficiently.

Recessed Step Lights

recessed step lights

Recessed step lights provide subtle and safe illumination along stairs or walkways under your deck, adding both style and functionality to your outdoor space.

Waterproof RGB Color Changing Lights

waterproof rgb color changing lights

These waterproof lights can change colors to create different moods and atmospheres under your deck. They add a fun and dynamic element to your outdoor space.

Pendant Lights With Adjustable Cords

pendant lights with adjustable cords

Adjustable cord pendant lights offer flexibility in positioning and height, allowing for customizable under deck lighting solutions.

Fiber Optic Ceiling Stars

fiber optic ceiling stars

Picture a starlit night sky above your head – with Fiber Optic Ceiling Stars, you can recreate this magical scene under your deck for a mesmerizing ambiance.

Tiki Torch Wall Sconces

tiki torch wall sconces

Tiki Torch Wall Sconces add a tropical ambiance to your under deck space, bringing warmth and style to your outdoor area.

Lanterns With Candles

lanterns with candles

Illuminate your under deck space with the warm glow of lanterns and candles.

Vintage Edison Bulb String Lights

vintage edison bulb string lights

Vintage Edison Bulb String Lights add a charming retro vibe to your under deck space.

Motion Sensor LED Lights

motion sensor led lights

Motion Sensor LED Lights are perfect for under deck lighting as they automatically turn on when movement is detected, providing enhanced safety and security while conserving energy.

Waterproof Recessed Floor Lighting

waterproof recessed floor lighting

Embedded waterproof lighting for the floor adds a sleek and modern touch to your under deck area. These lights are ideal for creating a chic ambiance while ensuring durability. They illuminate walkways or provide soft lighting around outdoor seating areas. Perfect for enhancing safety and aesthetics at the same time.

Under-Rail Spotlights

under rail spotlights

Under-Rail Spotlights provide subtle lighting along the edges of the deck’s railing, adding a warm and inviting ambiance to your outdoor space.

Hanging Fairy Light Globes

hanging fairy light globes

Hanging Fairy Light Globes create a magical atmosphere under your deck, providing a soft and enchanting glow for your outdoor space. These delicate lights add a whimsical touch to your deck area, perfect for evening gatherings or quiet moments.

Projected Laser Lights On Ceilings

projected laser lights on ceilings

Projected Laser Lights on Ceilings create a mesmerizing starry sky effect, adding a touch of magic to your under deck space.

Rope Lights Along the Contour

rope lights along the contour

Rope lights along the contour add a subtle glow to the underneath space, enhancing the ambiance without being too overpowering. Perfect for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for your outdoor living area.

Wireless, Battery-Operated LED Dots

wireless battery operated led dots

Wireless, Battery-Operated LED Dots provide a simple and versatile option for under-deck lighting.

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