15 Small Bedroom Lighting Ideas to Brighten Your Space

Discover practical and creative lighting ideas to enhance your small bedroom’s ambiance and functionality.

Wall-mounted Sconces

wall mounted sconces

Wall-mounted sconces can add both ambient light and a decorative element to a small bedroom, saving space on bedside tables for other essentials.

Under-bed LED Strips

under bed led strips

Under-bed LED strips provide subtle and ambient lighting without taking up space or disturbing sleep, creating a cozy atmosphere in the small bedroom.

Clip-on Headboard Lights

clip on headboard lights

These handy lights attach to your headboard, providing focused illumination for reading or tasks without taking up space on your nightstand.

Pendant Lights Over Nightstands

pendant lights over nightstands

Pendant lights over nightstands add a stylish touch and provide targeted lighting for reading or other activities in your small bedroom.

Recessed Ceiling Spots

recessed ceiling spots

Recessed ceiling spots provide overhead lighting without taking up additional space or cluttering the room. Ideal for small bedrooms with low ceilings.

Corner Floor Lamps

corner floor lamps

Corner floor lamps provide ambient lighting in small bedrooms, utilizing unused space effectively.

Lighted Vanity Mirrors

lighted vanity mirrors

Lighted vanity mirrors provide focused illumination for makeup application and grooming activities in small bedrooms.

Fairy Lights Around Window Frames

fairy lights around window frames

Create a dreamy and whimsical atmosphere in your small bedroom by wrapping fairy lights around the window frames. The soft glow of the lights adds a magical touch to the room, enhancing its cozy ambiance and creating a charming focal point.

Skylight or Solar Tube

skylight or solar tube

Skylights or solar tubes bring natural light into your small bedroom like a sunbeam on demand.

Lighted Floating Shelves

lighted floating shelves

Lighted floating shelves provide both storage space and ambient lighting in a small bedroom, creating a cozy and functional design element. Placing items on the shelves can cast a warm glow, adding depth to the room. Replacing traditional bedside tables with these shelves can save space while illuminating the area.

Adjustable Track Lighting

adjustable track lighting

Flexible adjustable track lighting lets you direct light precisely where needed, perfect for illuminating different areas in a small bedroom with ease.

Plug-in Wall Lights

plug in wall lights

Plug-in wall lights are a convenient and versatile option for adding extra lighting in small bedrooms. They can be easily mounted on the wall near the bed or desk, providing both illumination and a stylish touch to the room. With various designs and styles available, plug-in wall lights offer a practical solution without the need for complex installation or wiring.

Battery-operated Table Lamps

battery operated table lamps

Battery-operated table lamps are a convenient lighting solution for small bedrooms, offering flexibility in placement and eliminating the need for outlets.

Lighted Curtain Rods

lighted curtain rods

Lighted curtain rods add a touch of elegance and functionality to a small bedroom. They provide soft ambient lighting without taking up extra space, creating a cozy atmosphere.

Mini Chandelier

mini chandelier

A mini chandelier adds a touch of elegance and glamour to a small bedroom, creating a focal point and providing ambient lighting.

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