15 Over Sink Light Ideas

Discover brilliant over-sink lighting ideas that will not only illuminate but also elevate your kitchen space!

Pendant Lights With Edison Bulbs

pendant lights with edison bulbs

Add a vintage touch with warm ambient lighting over the sink.

Adjustable Swing-arm Wall Lamps

adjustable swing arm wall lamps

Adjustable swing-arm wall lamps provide versatile lighting that can be positioned to illuminate specific areas over the sink, offering both functionality and style.

Industrial Cage Lights

industrial cage lights

Industrial cage lights provide a rugged and stylish look over the sink, adding a touch of urban flair to your kitchen space. The cage design helps direct light downwards, making them ideal for task lighting while bringing a trendy industrial vibe to your kitchen.

Vintage Mason Jar Lights

vintage mason jar lights

Vintage mason jar lights add a charming and rustic touch to your kitchen space, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Sleek LED Strip Lighting

sleek led strip lighting

Sleek LED strip lighting can provide a modern and understated look to your over sink area, offering both functional task lighting and ambient illumination.

Farmhouse Style Lanterns

farmhouse style lanterns

Farmhouse style lanterns provide a charming and rustic touch to your kitchen sink area. The lantern design adds warmth and character to the space, creating a cozy ambiance.

Minimalist Globe Pendants

minimalist globe pendants

Minimalist globe pendants offer a sleek and modern lighting option over your sink, adding a touch of simplicity and elegance to your kitchen space without overwhelming the area.

Recessed Puck Lights

recessed puck lights

Recessed puck lights offer a subtle lighting solution above the sink. Installed flush with the ceiling, these small, circular fixtures provide focused illumination for tasks without overwhelming the space. Their discreet design complements various kitchen styles while ensuring a well-lit sink area.

Rustic Wood Beam Chandelier

rustic wood beam chandelier

Enhance your kitchen with a charming Rustic Wood Beam Chandelier, adding warmth and character to your sink area with its unique design and natural elements.

Modern Linear Suspension Lights

modern linear suspension lights

Modern linear suspension lights offer a sleek and contemporary over-sink lighting option, providing clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic to your kitchen space.

Color-changing Smart Bulbs

Color-changing smart bulbs add a fun and customizable element to your over sink lighting setup, allowing you to change the ambiance with just a tap on your phone.

Stained Glass Pendant Lights

stained glass pendant lights

Stained glass pendant lights add a touch of color and artistic flair to your kitchen space. The light filters through the stained glass, creating a unique ambiance. Ideal for adding a pop of personality to your kitchen without overwhelming the space. A stylish and eye-catching lighting option for your sink area.

Steampunk Pipe Lights

steampunk pipe lights

Steampunk pipe lights bring a touch of industrial chic to your kitchen space, combining vintage pipes with Edison bulbs for a unique over sink lighting option.

Under-cabinet LED Bars

under cabinet led bars

Under-cabinet LED bars illuminate your sink area efficiently and elegantly, offering a modern and sleek lighting solution that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Art Glass Pendants

art glass pendants

Art glass pendants are a stylish choice for adding a pop of color and sophistication above your sink. The unique designs and hues can elevate the overall look of your space, making a statement while providing functional lighting.

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