15 Outdoor Strip Lighting Ideas to Enhance Your Space

Discover how outdoor strip lighting can transform your exterior spaces into a dazzling spectacle.

Poolside Glow: Install Waterproof LED Strips Along the Pool Edges

poolside glow install waterproof led strips along the pool edges

Create a mesmerizing poolside ambience with waterproof LED strips lining the pool edges, providing a magical glow to your outdoor space.

Deck Highlight: Outline Your Deck’s Architecture With Subtle White Lights

deck highlight outline your decks architecture with subtle white lights

Highlight your deck’s features with soft white lighting, adding a touch of elegance and enhancing its overall appearance.

Garden Pathways: Light Up Garden Paths With Embedded Strip Lights in the Borders

garden pathways light up garden paths with embedded strip lights in the borders

Create a magical pathway in your garden with subtle strip lights along the borders.

Stairway Safety: Illuminate Outdoor Stair Treads for Safety and Style

stairway safety illuminate outdoor stair treads for safety and style

Light up outdoor stair treads with LED strips to ensure safety and add a touch of style to your outdoor space.

Pergola Perimeter: Wrap LED Strips Around Pergola Beams for Ambient Lighting

pergola perimeter wrap led strips around pergola beams for ambient lighting

Create a cozy ambiance by wrapping LED strips around your pergola beams.

Outdoor Kitchen Accents: Install Strips Under Counters and Around Grilling Areas

outdoor kitchen accents install strips under counters and around grilling areas

Create a cozy and inviting outdoor cooking space by installing LED strips under counters and around grilling areas.

Fence Line Lighting: Run Horizontal LED Strips Along the Top or Bottom of Fences

fence line lighting run horizontal led strips along the top or bottom of fences

Fence Line Lighting adds a charming glow to your outdoor space, enhancing safety and aesthetics in a creative way.

Patio Ceiling Outline: Emphasize a Patio’s Perimeter With Overhead Strip Lighting

patio ceiling outline emphasize a patios perimeter with overhead strip lighting

Create a cozy atmosphere on your patio with overhead strip lighting. Illuminate the perimeter of your outdoor space for a magical ambiance.

Tree Trunk Spirals: Wrap Trees With Strip Lights to Create Glowing Trunks

tree trunk spirals wrap trees with strip lights to create glowing trunks

Transform your outdoor space with captivating illuminations by encircling tree trunks with radiant strip lights.

Outdoor Bar Vibes: Outline Bar Areas With Vibrant Colors for a Festive Atmosphere

outdoor bar vibes outline bar areas with vibrant colors for a festive atmosphere

Give your outdoor bar a lively and fun feel with colorful lighting.

Driveway Borders: Line Driveways With LEDs for an Inviting Entrance

driveway borders line driveways with leds for an inviting entrance

Creating a welcoming entrance using LED lighting along driveways adds a touch of sophistication and guides visitors to your home effortlessly.

Water Feature Highlights: Illuminate Fountains or Waterfalls for Dramatic Effect

water feature highlights illuminate fountains or waterfalls for dramatic effect

Enhance the beauty of your outdoor space by highlighting water features with strategically placed LED strip lights.

Hammock Relaxation: String Lights Overhead or Beneath Hammock Areas

hammock relaxation string lights overhead or beneath hammock areas

Enhance your outdoor relaxation spot by hanging string lights overhead or beneath your hammock, creating a cozy and magical ambiance for unwinding under the stars.

Under-Bench Lighting: Install Strip Lights Under Seating for a Floating Effect

under bench lighting install strip lights under seating for a floating effect

Illuminate seating areas with under-bench lighting for a magical floating ambiance.

Flower Bed Focal Points: Accentuate Flower Beds or Bushes With Ground-level Lighting

flower bed focal points accentuate flower beds or bushes with ground level lighting

Ground-level lighting around flower beds or bushes can create focal points that enhance the beauty of your outdoor space.

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