15 Outdoor House Lighting Ideas to Brighten Your Home

Illuminate your home’s exterior with these creative and functional outdoor lighting ideas.

Solar-powered Lanterns Along Pathways

solar powered lanterns along pathways

Solar-powered lanterns along pathways are a charming way to illuminate walkways in the garden or yard.

LED Strip Lighting Under Steps and Railings

led strip lighting under steps and railings

Illuminate outdoor steps and railings with sleek LED strip lighting for a modern touch and added safety.

Pendant Lights in Porches or Covered Areas

pendant lights in porches or covered areas

Pendant lights in porches or covered areas add a stylish and inviting ambiance to outdoor spaces by providing focused lighting from above. They can create a cozy atmosphere for evening gatherings or simply illuminate the area for added safety.

In-ground Uplighting for Trees and Large Shrubs

in ground uplighting for trees and large shrubs

Uplighting for trees and large shrubs adds drama and depth to your outdoor space, creating a magical nighttime atmosphere.

Color-changing LED Bulbs for Festive Occasions

color changing led bulbs for festive occasions

Illuminate your outdoor space with Color-changing LED bulbs to create a festive ambiance during special celebrations or gatherings.

Motion-sensor Floodlights for Security and Safety

motion sensor floodlights for security and safety

Motion-sensor floodlights provide added security and safety by illuminating outdoor areas when motion is detected.

Mason Jar Lanterns Hung From Trees or Eaves

mason jar lanterns hung from trees or eaves

Illuminate your outdoor space with charming Mason jar lanterns, perfect for creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere under the moonlit sky.

Recessed LED Lights in Driveway or Walkway

recessed led lights in driveway or walkway

These lights provide a sleek and modern way to illuminate pathways and driveways, enhancing visibility and safety around your home.

Tiki Torches Around Patio or Garden Edges

tiki torches around patio or garden edges

Tiki torches can add a tropical and cozy ambiance to your outdoor space, creating a warm and inviting glow around the patio or garden.

String Lights Crisscrossing Overhead in Outdoor Seating Areas

string lights crisscrossing overhead in outdoor seating areas

Create a cozy outdoor ambiance by adding string lights above your seating area. The lights crisscross overhead, illuminating the space beautifully for a magical outdoor experience.

Lighted Water Features, Like Fountains or Ponds

lighted water features like fountains or ponds

Add a mesmerizing touch to your outdoor space with lighted water features such as fountains or ponds.

Decorative Wall Sconces Flanking Doorways or Garage Doors

decorative wall sconces flanking doorways or garage doors

Provide an elegant touch to your outdoor space.

Solar Post Caps On Fence Posts or Deck Rails

solar post caps on fence posts or deck rails

Solar post caps are stylish additions to your outdoor space as they provide both illumination and safety to your fence or deck at night.

Lantern-style Lamps On Posts for an Antique Look

lantern style lamps on posts for an antique look

Lantern-style lamps on posts evoke a charming old-world feel in outdoor spaces, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your lighting design.

Flameless Candles in Outdoor Lanterns for Ambient Lighting

flameless candles in outdoor lanterns for ambient lighting

Flameless candles in outdoor lanterns provide a cozy and warm ambiance perfect for evening gatherings or relaxation.

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