15 Loft Bed Lighting Ideas to Brighten Your Space

Discover creative and fun ideas for lighting up your loft bed space to make it both functional and fabulous.

LED String Lights Around Bed Frame

led string lights around bed frame

Wrap LED string lights around your loft bed frame for a cozy and ambient glow that doubles as a night light.

Clip-on Adjustable Reading Lamp

clip on adjustable reading lamp

A clip-on adjustable reading lamp is a versatile option for loft beds, offering focused light for reading or tasks without taking up space on the bedside table.

Under-bed Motion Sensor Lights

under bed motion sensor lights

These lights turn on automatically when they detect movement under the bed, providing illumination in the dark without the need for fumbling for a light switch.

Fairy Lights in a Canopy Style

fairy lights in a canopy style

Create a cozy ambiance by draping fairy lights around a canopy above your loft bed.

Floating Wall-mounted Shelves With Lights

floating wall mounted shelves with lights

Install floating wall-mounted shelves to incorporate lighting effortlessly above or around a loft bed, creating an ambient and practical solution for reading or adding a cozy atmosphere to the space.

RGB LED Strip Under the Mattress

rgb led strip under the mattress

Illuminate the underside of your loft bed with a playful touch using RGB LED strip lights, allowing you to change colors to match your mood or room décor.

Mounted Spotlight Above Headboard

mounted spotlight above headboard

Illuminate your sleeping space with a focused spotlight mounted above the headboard for a cozy ambiance.

Bed Frame With Built-in LED Panels

bed frame with built in led panels

These bed frames come with LED panels integrated for a futuristic look and provide direct lighting for bedtime reading.

Remote-controlled Color-changing Bulbs

remote controlled color changing bulbs

Change the ambiance of your loft bed with the touch of a button using bulbs that can shift colors to match your mood and style effortlessly. Perfect for creating a cozy, vibrant, or relaxing atmosphere in your elevated sleeping space without the need for multiple light sources.

Neon Sign Art Above Bed

neon sign art above bed

Neon sign art above the bed adds a trendy and personalized touch to your loft bedroom, creating a unique focal point that can be customized to suit your style and taste.

Picture Frame Lights With Soft LEDs

picture frame lights with soft leds

These lights provide a gentle glow perfect for bedtime reading or ambiance setting without being harsh on the eyes, making your loft bed a cozy retreat.

Battery-powered Puck Lights

battery powered puck lights

Battery-powered puck lights are versatile and easy to install under loft beds, adding a functional and stylish lighting solution without the need for wiring.

Pendant Light Hanging Over the Ladder

pendant light hanging over the ladder

A pendant light hanging over the ladder illuminates the climbing path to your cozy loft bed, adding a touch of style and practicality to your bedroom decor. It guides your way up and down the ladder with a warm glow, keeping your space both safe and stylish in a unique way.

Touch-sensitive Bedside Lamp

touch sensitive bedside lamp

A touch-sensitive bedside lamp provides convenient lighting control with a simple touch, allowing for easy adjustments in the comfort of your loft bed.

Industrial-style Edison Bulbs Hanging From Ceiling Hooks

industrial style edison bulbs hanging from ceiling hooks

Let’s brighten up the loft bed area with charming industrial-style Edison bulbs hanging from ceiling hooks.

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