15 Living Room Wall Lighting Ideas to Brighten Your Space

Discover innovative lighting ideas that will transform your living room walls from bland to striking.

LED Strip Backlighting for Artwork

led strip backlighting for artwork

LED strip backlighting for artwork enhances the visual appeal of your living room walls by providing a subtle yet striking illumination to your beloved paintings or prints.

Recessed Ceiling Wall Washers

recessed ceiling wall washers

Recessed ceiling wall washers offer a subtle and modern way to illuminate artwork or decorative features in your living room. These fixtures are installed in the ceiling to cast a soft light downward, highlighting the textures and colors of your walls without drawing focus away from the design elements. They create a sophisticated ambiance and can be strategically placed to accent specific areas of your room, adding depth and visual interest to your living space.

Wall-mounted Sconces With Adjustable Arms

wall mounted sconces with adjustable arms

Adjustable arm wall-mounted sconces offer flexibility to direct light where needed, ideal for creating ambiance or highlighting specific areas in your living room.

Picture Lights Above Framed Photos

picture lights above framed photos

Illuminate your cherished framed photos with elegant picture lights for a captivating display.

Vertical LED Light Bars On Either Side of the TV

vertical led light bars on either side of the tv

Vertical LED light bars on either side of the TV illuminate the space without causing glare, creating a balanced and cozy ambiance for your living room.

Neon Word Art

neon word art

Neon word art adds a trendy and artistic touch to your living room wall lighting design.

Floating Shelf With Integrated LED Lighting

floating shelf with integrated led lighting

A floating shelf with integrated LED lighting adds a sleek touch to your living room, illuminating decor items or books placed on the shelf with a soft ambient glow.

Fiber Optic Star Panels

fiber optic star panels

Fiber optic star panels create a mesmerizing starry night effect on your living room walls. This lighting idea adds a magical and calming ambiance to your space, perfect for relaxation or movie nights. It mimics the twinkling stars in the night sky without the need for extensive electrical work, making it easy to install to elevate your living room’s aesthetics.

Moroccan Style Lanterns

moroccan style lanterns

Moroccan style lanterns add an exotic touch to your living room, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere with intricate patterns and colored glass.

Corner Wall Light Fixtures

corner wall light fixtures

Corner wall light fixtures add a touch of elegance and create ambient lighting in often neglected areas of the living room. They are versatile and can be used to highlight architectural features or create cozy nooks.

Wall Grazing Lights Above Textured Panels

wall grazing lights above textured panels

Wall grazing lights above textured panels create stunning visual effects by highlighting the surface intricacies and adding depth to your living room decor.

Swing Arm Lamps Next to Reading Nooks

swing arm lamps next to reading nooks

Swing arm lamps placed next to reading nooks provide focused lighting for reading without taking up valuable surface space.

Battery-operated LED Candles On Wall-mounted Holders

battery operated led candles on wall mounted holders

Battery-operated LED candles on wall-mounted holders offer a cozy and safe lighting solution for your living room, adding a warm and inviting ambiance without the worry of a real flame.

Art Deco-inspired Wall Fixtures

art deco inspired wall fixtures

Art deco-inspired wall fixtures add a touch of glamour and sophistication to your living room, perfect for vintage style enthusiasts looking to elevate their space with elegant lighting choices.

Colored Mood Lighting With Smart Bulbs

colored mood lighting with smart bulbs

Create a vibrant ambiance with smart bulbs that change colors to match your mood or the occasion.

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