15 LED Strip Light Ideas to Transform Your Space

Discover creative and practical ways to use LED strip lights in your home and beyond.

Under Kitchen Cabinets for a Modern Look

under kitchen cabinets for a modern look

Illuminate your kitchen with LED strip lights under cabinets for a sleek and contemporary ambiance.

Behind the TV for Ambient Lighting

behind the tv for ambient lighting

Enhance your TV viewing experience with LED strip lights positioned behind the screen to create a cozy and stylish ambiance in your living room.

Along Staircase Railing for Safety and Style

along staircase railing for safety and style

Wrap a LED strip light along your staircase railing to add both safety and style to your home.

Inside Closets for Better Visibility

inside closets for better visibility

Illuminate your closet with LED strip lights for improved visibility, making it easier to find what you need.

Around Bathroom Mirrors for Enhanced Illumination

around bathroom mirrors for enhanced illumination

Create a spa-like ambiance by adding LED strip lights around bathroom mirrors, providing soft and flattering illumination while enhancing the overall aesthetics of the space.

Under Beds for a Nightlight Effect

under beds for a nightlight effect

Placing LED strips under beds creates a cozy nightlight effect, perfect for a soothing ambiance in the bedroom.

Along Hallway Baseboards As Guide Lighting

along hallway baseboards as guide lighting

Create a subtle and practical glow that leads the way in dim hallways.

Inside Bookshelves to Highlight Decor or Books

inside bookshelves to highlight decor or books

Highlight your book collection creatively and add flair to your room’s ambiance.

Under Bar Counters in Entertainment Rooms

under bar counters in entertainment rooms

Create a lively ambiance in entertainment spaces by installing LED strip lights under bar counters.

Around Window Frames for Festive Occasions

around window frames for festive occasions

Creating a festive ambiance by outlining window frames with LED strip lights can immediately transform your home for special events and celebrations.

In Garden Patios for Evening Gatherings

in garden patios for evening gatherings

Create a cozy ambiance in your garden patio for enjoyable evening gatherings with strategically placed LED strip lights.

Under Car Dashboards for a Custom Look

under car dashboards for a custom look

Illuminate your car’s interior with LED strip lights for a personalized and stylish touch, adding flair to your vehicle’s dashboard without being over the top.

Around Artwork to Emphasize Pieces

around artwork to emphasize pieces

Highlight your artwork with LED strip lights, giving your pieces a gallery-like ambiance and making them stand out beautifully.

Inside Drawer Edges for Functional Aesthetics

inside drawer edges for functional aesthetics

Incorporating LED strip lights inside drawer edges adds a touch of elegance and functionality to your furniture pieces.

Wrapped Around Trees or Plants for Magical Garden Vibes

wrapped around trees or plants for magical garden vibes

Enhance your garden with a whimsical touch by wrapping LED strip lights around your trees or plants, creating a magical and enchanting atmosphere that dazzles your outdoor space with a warm and inviting glow.

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