15 Laundry Room Lighting Ideas to Illuminate Your Space

Discover practical and stylish lighting ideas to illuminate your laundry room effectively.

Recessed LED Ceiling Lights

recessed led ceiling lights

Recessed LED ceiling lights are a sleek option for laundry rooms, providing even illumination without taking up any overhead space.

Vintage Edison Bulb Pendant

vintage edison bulb pendant

Vintage Edison bulb pendants add a cozy and nostalgic ambiance to your laundry room.

Under-cabinet Strip Lighting

under cabinet strip lighting

Under-cabinet strip lighting illuminates countertops and cabinets, providing focused task lighting for laundry chores.

Skylight With Diffuser

skylight with diffuser

Skylights with diffusers disperse natural light evenly in the laundry room, reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day.

Motion Sensor Ceiling Lights

motion sensor ceiling lights

Motion sensor ceiling lights automatically illuminate the laundry room when movement is detected, providing convenience and energy efficiency.

Industrial Style Track Lighting

industrial style track lighting

Industrial style track lighting provides a modern and minimalist look in your laundry room, allowing you to adjust the direction of the light to focus on specific areas.

Flush Mount Drum Light

flush mount drum light

Flush mount drum lights offer a sleek and modern lighting option for laundry rooms, providing ample illumination while maintaining a low profile on the ceiling.

Pull-down Retractable Light Fixture

pull down retractable light fixture

Easily adjust the height of the light fixture to illuminate specific areas in the laundry room. It provides flexibility and precise lighting where you need it most.

Color-changing Smart Light Bulbs

color changing smart light bulbs

Color-changing smart light bulbs add a dynamic element to your laundry room lighting setup, allowing you to adjust the color and brightness to suit different tasks or moods.

Solar Tube Lighting

solar tube lighting

Solar tube lighting harnesses natural sunlight to brighten up your laundry room without consuming electricity. The tube captures sunlight from your roof and directs it into your room through a reflective surface, providing a cost-effective and eco-friendly lighting solution. It can illuminate your space during the day, reducing the need for artificial lighting and helping you save money on your energy bills. A great way to add natural light to windowless or darker areas of your laundry room, creating a brighter and more welcoming atmosphere.

Wall Sconces With Task Lighting

wall sconces with task lighting

Wall sconces with task lighting are placed strategically in a laundry room to provide focused light for specific tasks, such as folding clothes or ironing. They can be both functional and decorative, adding a stylish touch to the room while improving visibility in key areas.

LED Panel Light With Dimmer

led panel light with dimmer

An LED panel light with a dimmer provides customizable lighting solutions for laundry rooms, allowing you to adjust the brightness according to your needs throughout the day.

Rope Lighting Around Shelving

rope lighting around shelving

Rope lighting around shelving provides a subtle and functional way to illuminate the laundry room, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere without taking up space.

Accent Lighting in Cabinets

accent lighting in cabinets

Adding accent lighting in cabinets enhances the ambiance and highlights your laundry room’s decor, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Hanging Lanterns

hanging lanterns

Adding hanging lanterns to your laundry room can bring a touch of charm and warmth to the space, creating a cozy ambiance while providing additional lighting where needed.

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