15 Fire Pit Lighting Ideas to Enhance Your Outdoor Space

Learn how to illuminate your fire pit area with creative lighting ideas that enhance ambiance and safety.

Solar Torch Lights Around the Perimeter

solar torch lights around the perimeter

Solar torch lights around the perimeter add a flickering ambience and a touch of tropical flair to your fire pit area.

Hanging Lanterns From Surrounding Trees

hanging lanterns from surrounding trees

Hanging lanterns from surrounding trees adds a touch of enchantment to your fire pit area. The gentle glow creates a magical ambiance that enhances the overall outdoor experience.

In-ground LED Pathway Lights

in ground led pathway lights

In-ground LED pathway lights add a subtle glow, guiding you and your guests to the fire pit while creating a magical ambiance in your outdoor space.

Floating LED Lights in a Nearby Pool or Pond

floating led lights in a nearby pool or pond

Create a magical ambiance by placing Floating LED lights in a nearby pool or pond, adding a touch of enchantment to your outdoor space.

Firefly String Lights Draped Overhead

firefly string lights draped overhead

Firefly string lights draped overhead create a magical ambiance around your fire pit area.Illuminate the space with a sprinkle of twinkling lights for a charming setting.

Adjustable Spotlights Highlighting the Fire Pit

adjustable spotlights highlighting the fire pit

Adjustable spotlights add drama and focus by illuminating the fire pit, creating a cozy ambiance for gatherings.

Glowing Furniture Like Chairs or Tables

glowing furniture like chairs or tables

Illuminate your outdoor space with chairs and tables that light up, adding both functionality and ambiance to your fire pit area.

Motion Sensor Lights for Safety and Convenience

motion sensor lights for safety and convenience

Motion sensor lights automatically illuminate the area around the fire pit when someone approaches, adding both safety and convenience to your outdoor space.

Color-changing LED Strips Under Seating

color changing led strips under seating

Enhance the ambiance around your fire pit by placing color-changing LED strips under seating for a vibrant and mesmerizing glow that adds a modern touch to your outdoor space.

Mason Jar Lanterns With Tea Lights

mason jar lanterns with tea lights

Fill mason jars with tea lights to create charming and glowing lanterns that add a cozy ambiance to your fire pit area.

Ethanol Fire Lanterns for a Mystical Effect

ethanol fire lanterns for a mystical effect

Create a mystical ambiance with ethanol fire lanterns, adding a magical glow to your fire pit setting.

Reflective Fire Glass Inside the Pit for Extra Sparkle

reflective fire glass inside the pit for extra sparkle

Reflective fire glass adds a touch of sparkle to your fire pit, creating a mesmerizing visual effect as the flames dance over the glass.

Battery-operated Candles in Various Sizes Around the Area

battery operated candles in various sizes around the area

Strategically placing battery-operated candles of various sizes around your fire pit area enhances the ambiance and provides a warm glow for a cozy atmosphere.

Tiki Torches for a Tropical Vibe

tiki torches for a tropical vibe

Illuminate your outdoor space with Tiki torches to create a tropical ambiance.

Light-up Logs That Serve As Both Decoration and Lighting

light up logs that serve as both decoration and lighting

Light-up logs are decorative pieces that double as lighting sources, adding a warm and cozy ambiance to your fire pit area.

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