15 Exterior Barn Lighting Ideas to Brighten Your Space

Discover creative and effective ideas for lighting up your barn’s exterior to enhance its aesthetic and functionality after sunset.

Rustic Lantern Sconces

rustic lantern sconces

Rustic lantern sconces add a charming touch to barn exteriors by providing warm, ambient lighting that complements traditional farmhouse aesthetics perfectly.

Solar-powered Fairy Lights

solar powered fairy lights

Solar-powered fairy lights add a whimsical touch to barn exteriors and operate without electricity. The soft glow creates a magical ambiance without increasing the electricity bill. Ideal for creating a charming and enchanting atmosphere around your barn without the need for wiring.

Vintage Edison Bulb String Lights

vintage edison bulb string lights

Vintage Edison bulb string lights emit a warm and cozy glow, perfect for creating a charming ambiance around your barn and outdoor space. They add a touch of nostalgia and elegance while illuminating your surroundings with a soft, romantic light. Ideal for enhancing the rustic charm of a barn setting, these lights are a versatile and stylish choice for outdoor lighting.

Motion-sensor Floodlights

motion sensor floodlights

Motion-sensor floodlights provide added security and illumination around your barn, detecting movement and turning on automatically.

Barn-style Gooseneck Lights

barn style gooseneck lights

Barn-style gooseneck lights add a touch of vintage charm to your exterior space, mirroring the style of traditional barn lighting fixtures with a modern twist. They provide ample illumination while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your barn or outdoor area.

Copper Pathway Lights

copper pathway lights

Copper pathway lights add a touch of elegance along walkways or driveways, enhancing the barn’s charm and providing safe passage at night.

LED Strip Under Eaves

led strip under eaves

Add a modern touch to your barn exterior by installing LED strip lighting under the eaves. These strips provide ambient lighting and enhance the architectural features of your barn.

Mason Jar Hanging Lights

mason jar hanging lights

Mason jar hanging lights add a touch of whimsy and charm to your barn’s exterior. The soft glow creates a cozy atmosphere perfect for relaxing evenings.

Rope Lights Along the Roofline

rope lights along the roofline

Illuminate your barn’s exterior with rope lights lining the roofline, creating a charming and inviting glow that enhances the barn’s appeal during the evening hours.

Reclaimed Wood Light Posts

reclaimed wood light posts

Reclaimed wood light posts add a rustic touch to your barn lighting scheme. They offer a unique and eco-friendly way to illuminate the exterior of your barn while blending seamlessly with a country aesthetic.

Industrial Cage Pendant Lights

industrial cage pendant lights

Industrial cage pendant lights add a touch of vintage charm to your barn exterior, providing both style and functional lighting for your outdoor spaces.

Upcycled Metal Bucket Lamps

upcycled metal bucket lamps

Illuminate your barn’s exterior with unique upcycled metal bucket lamps, adding a touch of rustic charm and creativity to your outdoor lighting design.

Firefly-inspired Stake Lights

firefly inspired stake lights

Illuminate your barn’s surroundings with enchanting stake lights that mimic the magical glow of fireflies, creating a whimsical and inviting atmosphere for your outdoor space.

Weathered Steel Wall Sconces

weathered steel wall sconces

Weathered steel wall sconces add a touch of industrial charm to barn exteriors. They are durable and weather-resistant lighting fixtures that can elevate the aesthetic of any outdoor space.

Wagon Wheel Chandelier for Porch

wagon wheel chandelier for porch

A wagon wheel chandelier adds a touch of Western charm to your barn porch while providing ample lighting with a rustic flair.

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