15 Exposed Beam Ceiling Lighting Ideas for Your Home

Discover innovative lighting ideas for exposed beam ceilings that will illuminate your space and enhance its architectural features.

Sleek Track Lighting

sleek track lighting

Sleek track lighting runs along exposed beams, providing adjustable and focused illumination to highlight the rustic beauty of your ceiling.

Industrial-style Pendant Lights

industrial style pendant lights

Industrial-style pendant lights bring a touch of urban charm to exposed beam ceilings, adding a modern flair to the space.

Recessed LED Strips Along Beams

recessed led strips along beams

Create a modern ambiance by installing recessed LED strips along the beams for a sleek and sophisticated lighting solution that highlights the architectural features of your exposed beam ceiling.

Vintage Chandeliers

vintage chandeliers

Vintage chandeliers add a touch of elegance and charm to exposed beam ceilings, creating a stunning focal point in your space.

Edison Bulb On Pulley Systems

edison bulb on pulley systems

Edison bulb on pulley systems offers a unique and adjustable lighting solution, adding charm and functionality to exposed beam ceilings.

Spotlights for Artwork Highlighting

spotlights for artwork highlighting

Spotlights for artwork highlighting are perfect for drawing attention to your favorite pieces while adding a sophisticated touch to your exposed beam ceiling. The focused light creates dramatic shadows and highlights, elevating the ambiance of the space.

Lantern-style Hanging Lights

lantern style hanging lights

Lantern-style hanging lights add a touch of exotic flair to exposed beam ceilings. A cozy and inviting atmosphere is created by the warm glow they emit. Their unique design complements various decor styles, enhancing the charm of the space.

Integrated Beam Lights in Wood

integrated beam lights in wood

Integrated beam lights in wood enhance the natural aesthetic of exposed beams by discreetly blending lighting into the wooden structure. It creates a seamless and stylish lighting solution that beautifully illuminates the space.

Fairy Lights Woven Between Beams

fairy lights woven between beams

Fairy lights woven between beams add a whimsical and enchanting touch to your exposed beam ceiling, creating a magical ambiance in the space.

Color-changing LED Mood Lighting

color changing led mood lighting

Add an exciting ambiance with color-changing LED lights on your exposed beam ceiling for a dynamic and versatile lighting feature.

Linear Suspension Lights

linear suspension lights

Linear suspension lights create a contemporary look by hanging along the length of exposed beams, adding a sleek and streamlined lighting design to your space.

Rustic Mason Jar Lights

rustic mason jar lights

Mason jar lights add a charming rustic touch to exposed beam ceilings. They provide warm and cozy lighting, creating a cozy ambiance in the space. Easily customizable to suit your decor style, they are both functional and decorative. A DIY favorite for those looking to add a handmade feel to their lighting design.

Clamped Spotlight Bars

clamped spotlight bars

Clamped spotlight bars add a modern touch to exposed beam ceilings, providing focused lighting where needed. They are versatile and easy to adjust to illuminate different areas of the room.

Beam-mounted Task Lights

beam mounted task lights

Beam-mounted task lights provide focused illumination for specific work areas beneath exposed beams, offering practical lighting solutions while maintaining a clean and minimalist aesthetic.

Moroccan Inspired Lanterns

moroccan inspired lanterns

To add an exotic touch to your exposed beam ceiling, consider hanging Moroccan inspired lanterns that cast intricate patterns of light and shadows, creating a warm and inviting ambiance in the space.

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